Management Support

We can be the person you turn to for support in your business. Whether you’re a business owner who needs a little advice or you need a fresh pair of eyes to suggest new ideas, we’ll help you focus on your business rather than get absorbed by it. If you feel time is needed to focus on key business issues, our planned series of sessions can support you to develop your business, taking into account your issues to provide constructive feedback and ideas. They can be monthly, quarterly or six monthly, and can be used to cover any or all of the following…
  • Review of management accounts and information
  • Business strategy
  • Comparison of where you are in relation to goals
  • Business growth and marketing ideas
  • Employee issues
  • Cost saving strategies
  • Tax saving ideas and queries
An agreed action plan is formulated from each session that we produce for review of progress at the next business support session. Next Step: Please contact us if you need further advice.

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